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A liquid protein diet can provide a vital break from bad habits

Written By Betty van der Mark on Thursday, May 7, 2009 | 2:54 AM

Some doctors now think a liquid protein diet could help people avoid weight loss surgery. "Part of the idea here is if you're on this liquid protein, you almost divorce yourself from your previous eating habits," Dr. Guth explained. "As you reintroduce food into your system and into your daily life, you're reintroducing a healthier eating pattern and something that will help you sustain the weight loss." Dr. Guth supervises UT Southwestern's new liquid diet program.
It uses pre-packaged protein shakes or soup mixes. Over a period of months, dieters build up to eating solid food again.

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Everyone on the program sees a doctor and a nutritionist twice monthly.
Physicians say people should not try a liquid diet on their own because of potentially serious downsides, including heart problems.
"You can have electrolyte abnormalities," Dr. Guth said. "We're most concerned about potassium. So, yes, they can be dangerous and that's why they need to be carefully monitored."

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