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Power Plate exercise were more successful at long-term weight loss

Written By Betty van der Mark on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | 5:30 AM

And shedding visceral or belly fat than those who combined dieting with a more conventional fitness routine and those who simply dieted. The study was carried out over a six-month period, after which subjects returned to their daily lives and reported back for retesting at 12 months. In terms of weight loss, the Power Plate group lost 11 percent of their body weight and maintained a 10.5 percent loss. The diet and conventional fitness group lost 7 percent and maintained a 6.9 percent loss.

The diet only group lost 6 percent, and maintained less than 5 percent lossEven more promising was the reduction of visceral fat. The Power Plate group lost 47.8 sq. cm. (18.8 in.), and maintained a loss of 47.7 sq. cm (18.7 in.) The diet and conventional fitness group lost only 17.6 sq. cm. (6.93 in.), and maintained only a 1.6 sq. cm (.63 in) loss.The diet only group lost 24.3 sq. cm. (9.57 in.) and maintained only 7.5 sq. cm. (2.95 in.) loss.The new research has been presented at the 17th European Congress on Obesity (ECO).

Source: NewKerala