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Simple ways that you can go about reducing your calorie intake

Written By Betty van der Mark on Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 6:22 AM

Let’s give you a few quick calorie cutting food swaps to think about:

Eat oatmeal instead of granola: oatmeal is very high in fiber and sugar free, which cannot be said for most granola cereals. The first great swap to make is to exchange out your usual bowl of granola in the morning for some oatmeal instead. By choosing oatmeal instead, you can easily save yourself 200-300 calories in the process.

Eat spaghetti squash instead of pasta : Pasta is a very high calorie food is and is very easy to overeat on.  If you want to maintain that reduced calorie intake for faster weight loss, then squash is the superior choice.

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Eat fish instead of beef: Beef is definitely is a good protein source in your diet but fish would be a superior option. Eat beef once per week to help keep your iron intake up and have fish or chicken the remaining nights instead. Fish and chicken is lower in calories and low fat, so when you’re really trying to get the weight off quickly, it’ll help you get there faster.

Eat or drink real fruit instead of juice: Real fruit is going to be high in fiber and nutrients and will fill you up much more quickly and help to keep you satisfied. Many people are thinking that juice is a very healthy selection, but it's not. Juice is very high in calories and will produce a rather rapid spike in blood glucose levels due to the lack of fiber it contains, while real fruit is the opposite.