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Foods that makes you hungry

Written By Betty van der Mark on Monday, January 16, 2012 | 2:46 AM

Hunger is one of the biggest issues when you are on a diet. It's the most typical problem that people will encounter. But there are some foods that you need to avoid when you are dieting. Here is an example of 4 foods that can increase your hunger levels.
Sugary Cereals: Are bad for your diet and increase your hunger levels.  Eating ceareals you become very hungry after eating them, why? You are going to get a huge blood sugar spike after eating this food. This is then followed by a sharp decline as insulin is released and comes and sucks all that glucose from the blood, giving you a decline of blood sugar, what makes you hungry again! For breakfast you can better eat oatmeal without sugar or bran cereal, it helps to control your hunger levels.

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White rice: makes you hungry for much the same reason as sugary cereals. When the blood sugar levels drop, this sets of the hunger signal inside the brain that's going to prompt you to definitely eat more food.

Snack bars: In regards to hunger, snack bars will be very problematic. The problem here is that these will tend to be very low in total protein and sometimes fat content, it cannot balance out the carbohydrates. After consuming them you can experience a increase in your blood sugar and then sudden decrease in energy levels.The result of this is a boost to your blood sugar, that will make you have very depleted energy levels. As Snacking will reduce energy, many people will continue to snack more throughout the day to try recover their energy levels. As eating more it will make you eat more calories, and you will find it harder to lose weight.

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Candy: candy is one of the one of the worst foods as far as hunger is concerned. While you may feel like this gives you a good energy burst and quickly fills you up, that's just the sugar high talking!  Candy made out of pure sugar is even worse for you from your diet perspective than snack foods that contain fat, because at least with the addition of fat you will not see quite the shoot in blood sugar levels. Candy can actually be much worse for you then snack bats. Candy will therefore give you a quick sugar rush, followed by a quick loss of energy. Many people will experience a dramatic increase in blood sugar levels when eating candy, as it contains pure sugar.