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The Bite Counter could help you lose weight

Written By Betty van der Mark on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 | 4:08 AM

The Bite Counter is worn like a watch and tracks a pattern of wrist-roll motion to identify when the wearer has taken a bite of food. The Bite Counter doesn't just tally your calories, it plays disciplinarian too. You can preset a bite limit per meal or per day, so if you find yourself digging into that devil's food cake a little too deeply after dinner, the device will sound an alarm for every unauthorized bite. Reports in labs have shown that the Bite Counter is accurate up to 90% regardless of the food, utensil, container, or user. Interestingly enough, this device can be turned on or off according to your whims and fancy, making it an eating pedometer so to speak. Expect to see the Bite Counter, which stores logs of activity locally, in stores and on wrists soon; the team says manufacturing is already under way.