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US breakfast are often unhealthy for children

Written By Betty van der Mark on Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 9:47 AM

According to a statement from the Institute of Food Technologists in the US breakfasts served to children worldwide are often high in sugar and saturated fat and low in dietary fibre. These lack essential vitamins and minerals. It impacts public health and has consequences for personal health. It cites several studies that illustrate the importance of breakfast in improving cognitive function and weight management for children, factors that are critical to curb obesity among children and adolescents. What makes a good breakfast for children? One good example would be an egg, a slice of whole grain toast with nut butter, a piece of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk. Tofu, lean meat and whole grain cereals are also good choices at breakfast. The protein and fiber from the whole grains will keep your child satisfied until lunch time.