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The 400 Calorie Fix diet

Written By Betty van der Mark on Sunday, November 29, 2009 | 4:15 AM

It’s been predicted that 400 Calorie Fix would a ground breaking weight loss plan. It’s also being rumored that you need to eat a series of 400-calorie meals throughout the day in order to lose up to 11 pounds in just two weeks in the program. The 400-Calorie Fix is a clear eating plan that allows you to eat four, 400-calorie meals every day in order to lose weight. Whether you grab a sandwich at Subway, enjoy happy hour with friends or cook a homemade dinner at home, by just allowing yourself 400 calories for each meal, you will not just stay in a calorie range that promotes weight loss but you'll feel satisfied, eat the foods you want to eat and keep your metabolism stoked all day long.

Here is what you need to do to follow the 400-Calorie Fix: Simply check the nutrition labels and serving sizes of your favorite foods, eat a 380 to 400 calorie portion anywhere or anytime and you're on your way to weight loss. Prevention's 400-Calorie Fix provides you with 400 recipes,meal and snack ideas and dining-out guides that all have 400 calories or less.

Source: Diet Review