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Orlistat (Alli) works not only on a physical level, but also psychologically

Written By Betty van der Mark on Friday, September 11, 2009 | 9:53 AM

It encourages people to see their diet as a cause of their weight problem. “In addition, the side effects are so unpleasant that people avoid bad eating fatty foods and therefore lose weight. “However, the way in which some people responded to orlistat was surprising. “Some participants in this study reported that their eating behaviour became significantly unhealthier over the six month period.” She added: “People also told us that they were not adhering to the medication as they should.

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“It seemed that these people were taking orlistat as a lifestyle drug – choosing to take it when they were eating foods higher in fat to reduce any weight gain or not taking it when going on holiday or out for a meal as they didn’t want to experience the consequences of eating fatty foods.” Read more on: