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Obesity expert Louis Aronne: 'don't start your meal with bread and soda'

Written By Twee Mutsen on Monday, March 9, 2009 | 8:42 AM

Some people start their meals with bread and soda, and that can make them consume more calories at that meal and later in the day. You are more likely to overload your fullness system if you eat big quantities of intensely sweet, starchy, fatty food, such as ice cream, cake and cookies.

You are better off if you eat these in smaller quantities at the end of a meal, when you will find it's easier to control the amount.

He also said: 'Research conducted at Penn State University showed that people who eat salad before a meal eat less at that meal, and I find that patients who eat bread beforehand consume more later. You'll have a greater sense of fullness and feel fuller faster if you eat healthier foods first salads, vegetables and lean protein, and then eat starchy foods'.

Source: USAToday