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The OFT warned consumers about the adverts for Slim-Choc

Written By Betty van der Mark on Saturday, February 21, 2009 | 3:04 AM

Slim Coc helps you to lose weight? Unfortunately for anyone who spent £37 on a 40-day supply of Slim Choc, the idea is nothing more than fantasy. The product was one of a host of 'miracle cures' marketed to Britons which had no evidence to back up their grandiose claims, according to the Office of Fair Trading. The consumer watchdog said that such schemes affect 200,000 of us a year, at a cost £20million. Some 78 per cent of the victims are female, but a significant number of men are also taken in by 'cures' for impotence and hair loss. OFT Director of Consumer Protection Mike Haley said: 'Miracle health scams target vulnerable people who are desperate to lose weight or find a cure.

'The products are often worthless and can even be dangerous with untested and potentially harmful ingredients.' The OFT yesterday warned consumers about the adverts for Slim-Choc, which were contained in junk mail sent to thousands of homes across Britain.

The manufacturers claimed that eating the 'slimming chocolate' could help users lose 20lb in just 20 days, without exercising or cutting back on food. The hype claimed this was a 'brand new revolutionary cure for the obese and overweight', and it was 'the first and only chocolate that burns off fat and cellulite'. Thousands were conned into paying £37 for a 40-day supply.