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Weight-loss surgery that takes just an hour and leaves no scars

Written By Betty van der Mark on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | 12:08 AM

The usual method of reducing the size of the stomach - to cut food intake and encourage weight-loss is to perform 'open' surgery on the abdomen.

This requires a major incision and is risky for obese patients, who are at greater risk from complications such as stroke or heart attack. But now doctors can reduce the size of the stomach - by operating through the mouth.

In America, patients were discharged just a few hours later and the technique could soon arrive in the UK.

The procedure involves putting a camera attached to a tube into the mouth and lowering it down the digestive tract into the stomach.

Mounted on the camera are instruments, including a needle which allows the surgeon to sew a series of pleats in the lining of the stomach to reduce its size.

Source: Daily Mail