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Proactol, recommended by The Daily Telegraph

Written By Betty van der Mark on Saturday, June 21, 2008 | 2:32 PM

The Daily Telegraph is one of the most well recognised and reputable British newspapers available and is relied upon by hundreds of thousands of people everyday.

After conducting extensive qualitative interviews with successful slimmers, Proactol™ was recommended to this famous broad sheet newspaper as the best fat binder for losing weight.

Proactol™ is clinically proven to take out your dietary fat by up to 28%, as well as:

- Help Reduce Excess Body Weight - We all have those parts of our body we wish could be more toned - be figure happy!
- Reducing your calorie intake - When your dieting you need to lose weight by burning off more calories than you eat!
- Helping you to Reduce Food Cravings - No longer endure as many hunger pangs in between meals - you will have an added weight loss booster!

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